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Short Films

Black briefcase

Synopsis A man with a mission to blast the city is on his way with the Black Briefcase in his hand, determined and tensed at the same time he plants the bomb when a haunting scream from his conscience jolts him but it’s too late... The city is in shatters... Vision This film germinated from an idea of Vevek Paul, who is also thefounder of C9 . A producer, Vevek has a special eye for young and unexplored talent. an idea that germinated on a flight,while talking to a young director,the story had a cinematic potentialwhich motivated Vevek to make this film which then won many awards post its release. Maniesh, usually known for his witty reparteesin a spellbound performance , has worked out of his comfort space and has skillfully portrayed the intricate thought process of a terrorist.


When calamity strikes, the guru’s words ring true: “Ek onkar satnam kartapurakh Nirmoh nirvair akaal murat” Kulwant finds himself in midst of barren land that will decide his fate. One thing is for sure life will never be the same again... Vision This film is a true story inspired by real incidents ,the challenge was to put it together in a short film , Banjar is a tear-jerker, in the film a farmer who on following a simple message of the Guru almighty creates a story of success and his life changes with a dramatic realization.