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The Black Briefcase
Maniesh Paul, Vevek Paul and Kartik Singh
The Black Briefcase
A man with a mission to blast the city is on his way with the Black Briefcase in his hand , determined and tensed at the same time he plants the bomb when haunting scream from his conscience jolts him but it’s too late ... City is in shatters...
It’s a soul stirring film with Maniesh Paul for the first time in a short , without a single dialogue in the film he has a hardcore performance as a terrorist.. and the film has a thought provoking climax where the audience is left spellbound
This film germinated from an idea of Vevek Paul, who is also Maniesh’s brother . A producer, vevek has a special eye for young and unexplored talent. He met a young Director Kartik Singh on a flight who started to tell this story. He found cinematic potential in this simple story and cast Maniesh as the terrorist. Maniesh, in a spellbound performance usually known for his witty repartees, has worked out of his comfort space and has skilfully portrayed the intricate thought process of a terrorist.
Maniesh Paul
Creative Producer
Vevek Paul
Writer/ Director
Kartik Singh
Munde Town De
Munde Town De
Maniesh Paul, PBN and Mavi Singh
India's treasured television host, anchor and Bollywood actor teams up with world renowned music artist PBN to give you this infectious urban desi number.
“Munde Town de” is a super smooth panjabi song with summer written all over it, furthermore it's the first time we have the pleasure of hearing Maniesh singing in punjabi. PBN also features his vocals on the track which is complimented perfectly with his bass pumping urban beats.
“I am a big fan of Punjabi music as I have grown up listening to it from my Delhi days, my brother Vevek, introduced me to PBN’s music, I love his music, and now we have made a song together, I feel happy with the way the song has turned out and yes it’s first of many future projects that we have decided to do together “
Quotes Maniesh

The boys both feature in the bachelor style summer video which was shot on a lavish backdrop in Europe. Shot and directed by UK's leading director, Sai Smith, we see Maniesh and PBN in their element on this urban desi visual.
"Working with Maniesh has been an absolute pleasure. He is a very talented guy and someone I look up to as a brother. As soon as we hit the studio things just fell into place. I can't wait for everyone to enjoy this collaboration as it will be the first of many projects we have lined up". PBN
The song is conceptualised and produced by Vevek Paul, Maniesh's elder brother, who is the brain behind this collaboration, “Munde Town De” is a creation of Cinemaddicts9 and is being presented by T Series.
The new single 'Munde Town De' releases worldwide on 3rd May 2018.
Maniesh Paul and Lulia Vantur
Harjai is a romantic song which is sung by Maniesh Paul, ilulia Vantur and Sachin Gupta It's the first time that Maniesh is coming out with his first single and accompanying him is Ilulia Vantur who is a Romanian but has sung this romantic song in Hindi beautifully, the song also features Sachin Gupta of doori fame. Maniesh, a popular face in Indian film and television who is known for his quick wit carves out a new niche for himself with his new song Harjai. The song is produced by Vevek Paul, Maniesh's elder brother, Cinemaaddicts and Sangeeta Manjreakar and is being presented by T Series. Both ilulia and Maniesh also feature in the beautifully shot video of the song which is directed by Shabina Khan. The song is penned by Sachin Gupta who is also the music director of the song.